Forex and Engineers

What comes to mind first at the mention of the word "Engineer"?

Problem solving? Construction? Calculus?

Could be.

But some people would readily connect it with trend analysis. Engineering is also about mathematically evaluating the strength of structures by analyzing their past, present, and possible trends, forecasting its possible future outcome. It is somewhat familiar territory when compared with forex and stock markets.

Engineers (civil, mechanical, or electrical) design things from given facts. They analyze the facts and decide what materials to use that will prove strong enough should an emergency happen. To do this they consider different scenarios. Say, in bridge construction a steep cliff is thought of as a potential future danger once the bridge starts adjusting length through wear and tear. So they cut off a portion of the cliff to make it slant and minimize land sliding tendencies.

An engineer's mindset of considering possible trends and resolving future problems right now with mature decisiveness may be perfect for forex. Forex is analyzing certain possible stock market scenarios and resolving them now by taking mature decisions to deflect or arrest a probable loss. Forex veteran players are good market analysts.

At a glance they can weigh stocks and shares and market trends. They do this by seriously considering past, present, and future performances of assets, shares, and stock markets. They have the acuity to decide what's best when they see signs of gaining or losing. They even see through a weakness even when the market has closed favorably the week before.

Engineers, too, have such mental sharpness to quickly discern problems or potentials through their systematic minds and swift analytical abilities---whether the structural status, for instance, is stable or if they have forthcoming problems. They can see strengths and weaknesses at a glance. Armed with all these facts, they maturely decide on a conclusion and take responsibility.

Engineers can easily play forex with the needed aptitude and maturity. They just have to see the stock market as one big project, with structures that make it strong but which sometimes fail due to other considerations. The simple trick is keep a close watch on the structural members (stocks or shares, gainers, losers, liquidity of assets, etc.) to be always updated on the "project" or stock market.

As long as the "building" or market stands safely, forex is safe. Money investments are ideal. A shrewd engineer as a forex player should detect a coming forex storm long before the boat starts rocking.