1. Currency Speculation - Currency speculation is one of the most widespread and profitable forex strategies today. If you are interested, it is important to know the fundamentals of currency speculation as well as the risk associated with it.
  2. Choosing Forex Software - Picking a good forex dealing software can help your forex dealing career. It is up to you to choose between web-based and client-based forex software depending on your taste.
  3. Protect Forex Money from Losses - We need to protect forex money from the volatility of the currency market. The good news is, forex has devices to protect forex money with. We only need to know and understand how these things are applied and when and how effective
  4. Forex and Engineers - Forex players and engineers---are they any different? In some aspects they are, but in terms of systematic analysis of structural projects and stock markets, forex and engineering are the same dogs with different collars.
  5. Forex and World Events - When calamity strikes people's first reaction is to hold on to their money. The macro scene is no different from this. When global calamities strike dealers in forex trading either buy or sell en masse, and that sends makets rocking like crazy.
  6. Forex; the History of Exchange - The Forex has a long history. It started with simple medias of exchange such as stones and tooth and later developed into currency and what we now know as the Foreign Exchange.
  7. How to Begin Trading in Forex. - While it is true that trading in forex seems to be a profit opportunity, one must be careful enough. Never neglect the facts of educating oneself on forex trading.
  8. How to Succeed in Forex Trading - Success in forex trading is possible even fore newbies and for people who think themselves completely ignorant about the trade. As long as you know the basics of forex trading and as long as you have a good plan to guide you, you can earn millions from trading in the forex market.
  9. The Best Forex Broker - Forex traders will not be able to make a trade without a broker. But there certainly are too many forex brokers over the Internet. It can be a challenge to choose the best one.
  10. Vital Forex Trading Facts - There are some vital facts in forex trading that beginners should know before taking that first dive into the forex trading market. And continuous learning should be had if lucrative profits are contemplated in a forex trading career.
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  12. debt reduction - debt reduction